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Un Objectif : l’excellence ! Aucun système n’aura été développé et testé avec un tel niveau d’exigence.

O.I.S Emeth Krav Maga Training Method

« The key to our success: an unmatched level of experience and know-how »


The training method is based on 2 main ideas:



1 - The idea of staying as close as possible to reality


The realistic training scenarios used are those based on real-life events, to benefit from the practical skills of security professionals. The training curriculum is based on laws proven by science and experience, not on theory.



2 - The idea of maximally developing all instinctive reactions


O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA uses the latest research of neuron kinetics to help inspire instinctive responses and shorten reaction time. It makes it possible to learn practical biomechanics and eliminate superfluous movements to improve executive performance under duress. The instinctive movement is worked to the extreme, which is essential in dangerous situations. This instinctive movement is very rapid and it is independent of the basic state of mind: the brain controls the movements by reflex.


We only need to study the reactions of novice soldiers under stress and intense pressure to see their instinctive reactions to different situations and surprise attacks with or without weapons. One then realizes that the first instinctive movement will be one of pure Krav Maga, though they have never practiced it.


For example, try to attack a friend with a knife without warning him. Naturally, he will be placed in a classic KRAV MAGA position. You will see the first instinctive movement, the momentary immobility and the expression of surprise and fear.


The first movement of each deflection will always be the movement dictated by the instinct of self-preservation and self-defense. This will be the movement that takes place despite ourselves, a conditioned reflex. All you have to do is counterattack, the choice of the resistance being made by nature itself.


Practice has shown us that after a certain time of training, a relatively short time, we learn to continue the deflection and enforce it maximally (this is the contact of the aggressor’s body against your body which provokes the reflex). This gives us the best possible guarantee of the choice of the deflection.


Thus, all defense techniques against an attack with or without a knife differ only in the instinctive movements which are dependent upon the situation.


But the main importance is the following: the defensive response does not have its entire value if the attack is not real. It is therefore necessary in exercises to reconstitute the situation of a real attack as much as possible. The man who attacks must act and think as if he were a real aggressor.


Training should be as close as possible to reality.

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