KRAV MAGA EMETH « La Puissance d’un système unique »


Un Objectif : l’excellence ! Aucun système n’aura été développé et testé avec un tel niveau d’exigence.

O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA for children

Children are increasingly exposed to violence. The growing violence of young people has become a major concern in industrialized countries. This increase is particularly alarming regarding acts of physical aggression and violence: pedophilia, abductions, gangs, street crime, and violence in general.

Much more than a child-friendly self-defense or Krav Maga training, we have developed an innovative survival program for children and adolescents so that they can successfully protect themselves from aggression.


The education and the safety of our children must be our priority because they represent our future !

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    O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA for children will teach them to survive the traps of the street while learning skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.


    The techniques are adapted to the age of the child and work no matter their size !


    It is not a training program built to be effective only as an adult, but it can work immediately if the child is confronted with the reality of the street. We will teach your children not to become potential targets and to move away from the traps and pitfalls of the street.


    The system is taught to them in the form of interactive and fun learning, they learn to defend themselves while strengthening their minds in order to feel confident in all situations.


    We teach them important values :


    Discipline and Concentration – Confidence and Inner Strength – Balance and Endurance – Reflex Development – Protection techniques adapted to children.


    We must make your children hard to reach « targets » for their aggressors.

    Only certified O.I.S instructors who have learned the program suitable for children, can teach them.


    O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA for children: more than a system, a school of life


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