KRAV MAGA EMETH « La Puissance d’un système unique »


Un Objectif : l’excellence ! Aucun système n’aura été développé et testé avec un tel niveau d’exigence.

The instructors of the


They all pursue a single path: « Excellence » !


All of our instructors have received demanding, intensive training and are highly qualified to teach O.I.S training sessions. They are civilians (men, women, children) and professionals (police/army).


For example: The training curriculum to become an instructor O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA is regarded as the most rigorous and longest in the field of Krav Maga but also as one of the most innovative.


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    Tested with rigor, O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA is a system without compromise or frills and it is based on efficiency. Emerging from the reality of the field and developed constantly, we adapt it to the constant evolutions of the enemy (Modus Operandi) and to the specific needs of civilian students or law enforcement.

    All of the instructors of O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA have received a demanding and intensive training and are highly qualified to teach our system to the civilian world (men, women, children) and professional world (police, army) if they have followed the adapted training program:


    A) Instructor O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA

    B) Instructor O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA / Police (enforcement)

    C) Instructor O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA / Military (soldier, combatant, or elite units)

    D) Instructor O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA / Combat Shooting

    E) Instructor O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA / VIP Protection


    Each curriculum has several training themes and levels are awarded according to the training acquired by the instructors.


    Regarding training for civilians : there is a specialization for instructors and future instructors for teaching men, women, and children. It includes the latest sensory and emotional techniques related to childhood trauma and any kind of violence, integration of ortho-emotion, and post-traumatic stress management. Specific courses will be organized for the instruction of the subjects.

    The unique teaching method of O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA allows anyone to acquire physical and psychological tools in order to defend themselves. OIS trainings allow students to quickly acquire self-confidence and realism in real-life situations that go beyond self-defense, in addition to technique (system recognized by the Wingate Institute in Israel).


    Concerning professionals, O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA was tested by those who had to depend on it for survival and continues to be employed by the military and police elite in Israel and around the world.


    O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA receives the support of a research and development center in which experts work together to propose the best possible technical, tactical, and human solutions. This center, made up of international experts working throughout the world, is the guarantee of constant feedback from the field and an incomparable know-how based on experience and not on theory.


    These experts come from different backgrounds such as : Israeli and international military and security experts, FBI trainers, anti-mafia fighters. They are all operational experts whose skills guarantee the effectiveness and veracity of the system developed by AARON ELBAZE.


    The development engine of O.I.S is to have an evolving system and methodology of teaching where all areas of competence are taught to future professional instructors.


    Are you ready to become an official instructor of O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA ?

    Are you ready for demanding, intensive, and genuine training ?


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