KRAV MAGA EMETH « La Puissance d’un système unique »


Un Objectif : l’excellence ! Aucun système n’aura été développé et testé avec un tel niveau d’exigence.

 O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA developed by Aaron Elbaze

O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA comes directly from the ORIGINAL KRAV MAGA created by IMI LICHTENFELD (Imi Sde-Or), Chief Instructor of the IDF (Israel Defense Force), who served the IDF from 1948 to 1964. Developing and refining his method of self-defense, his philosophy was to give the fighter the basic tools necessary to fight the adversary, especially in situations where the fighter does not have ample time. This philosophy was dictated by his surroundings and the need to defend himself quickly and without superfluity. Since the birth of the state of Israel, this country has been confronted not only with wars and permanent tensions, but also terrorism, a latent terrorism hidden at every street corner and not only in dangerous zones.


It was in this atmosphere that in the 80s at the request of the Israeli government, Gabriel Shai, a renowned anti-terrorist instructor, at the time head of the Krav Maga department in ISA (Israeli Security Agency), created the OKM – OPERATIONAL KRAV MAGA. He developed Krav Maga’s operational techniques for special security units, secret services and counter-terrorism as well as the adaption of special narrow combat techniques for the Air Marshal.


AARON ELBAZE, a longtime student, collaborated with him in the development of the OKM system, as an International Expert and responsible for the Europe/Africa areas, his role has been to constantly modernize and develop the techniques and adapt them to the constant evolutions of the enemy (Modus Operandi). He was the first to successfully adapt the philosophy of operational training to various groups (men, women, children). In July 2003, he obtained the rank of Expert 6th Degree and developer of the system for civilians and children. Today he is officially recognized by the Academic College at Wingate in Israel.

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    The growing involvement of AARON ELBAZE in the fight against high crime and his various international encounters has placed him today at the head of a research and development center in which high crime experts work together to propose the best possible technical and humane solutions.


    The research work with people with various disabilities and the integration of the « ortho emotion » method in the management of post-traumatic reactions, enabled the development of a program based on the reality and feasibility of techniques in all circumstances for everyone, civilians and professionals, without concession of the system’s efficiency.


    With over 27 years of experience, AARON ELBAZE intervenes in different parts of the world to train and help government services fight drug traffickers, high crime and terrorism.


    In 2012 he continued his development by creating his own system, the OPERATIVE ISRAELI SYSTEM – O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA. The creation of O.I.S is part of a global logic of autonomy in the service of an increasingly precise search for adaptation to the realities of the field.


    O.I.S EMETH KRAV MAGA is considered as one of the most effective methods and the seriousness of training is unanimous in both the professional and civil domains. A real cooperation is in place with the Wingate Institute in Israel which is where the nickname « REAL SYSTEM » or « EMETH SYSTEM » comes from in Hebrew.

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